THREE AT ONCE Fletching Jig

The THREE AT ONCE-Flechting Jig represents an enhanced technologybased on a 50year old concept which has been completely optimised. The handling is very simple and can be performed almost intuitively. Long waiting times during the fletching process have come to an end.

The major advantage of this tool is its simple handling:

  • Slide the shaft through the drill chuck
  • Push the nock onto the dovetail
  • Position the shaft into the jig by moving it through the slot on the top dish
  • Push the drill chuck slightly downwards to lock in place
  • Adjust the angle and drag using the screws fixing the clamps
  • Put the vanes or feathers into the clamps
  • Apply glue to the vane and then slide the clamp into the jig, pushing onto the shaft
  • Once glue has dried sufficiently open the clamps and remove them
  • Push the finished arrow together with the drill chuck slightly upwards to remove it from the tool

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138,00 €
(Incl. 19% tax)